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Goings On

The humidity in the house this time of year is at an extreme low. Yesterday it hit 44% and the static electricity off anything wool or fleece was phenomenal. After throwing a bunch of stuff in the dryer I got a really nasty shock off a fuzzy sock. Needless to say we've been trying to do things to raise the humidity levels back up to a normal range. We did manage to get it up to 50% last night using a vaporizer, but leaving it off over night dropped the level back down to 45%. We've got the vaporizer on again today and the plans are to make a huge pot of chicken soup in hopes that it will put some humidity into the air as well.

In other news I've had bad luck with my neck again. Somehow I managed to pull a muscle under my shoulder blade which prevented me from doing my free weight routine for about a week. Three days ago we finally got the exercise bike put together and I've been doing that for 15 minutes every morning. The first morning I managed to do 5.7km, the second I did 6km and the yesterday I did 6.4km. This morning I noticed a bit of pain in my right hip area so I gave my legs a bit of a rest for today and I picked up the free weights again. One day I'm hoping to be able to do both the exercise bike and the free weights every morning. After which I'm sure I'll collapse into a sweaty, exhausted heap. What fun!

Other wise I've just been puttering around, not doing too much. I go outside to feed the bird and watch them from the deck just about every day. We get a pretty wide variety in our yard for this time of year and apparently the actual winter birds don't show up until around January. So we're just getting the residential birds right now. Possibly the coolest visitor we have is a female Pileated Woodpecker that visits once or twice a week. We've got a bit of snow on the ground now, so the birds are extra hungry and rely on the feeders more. Some days we get swamped with birds and other days they trickle in and out throughout the day. In addition to watching the birds I've been trying to photograph them as well. I'm trying to get the old hot shoe flash from my Dad's 35mm camera to work outside. Having a pure white background confuses the camera a bit and throws the bird into shadow and the snow into glaring brightness. It wouldn't be such an issue, but unfortunately our yard faces the exact wrong way in relation to the sun. It's been keeping me occupied anyway...

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