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Dec. 4th, 2010

So I've been keeping up with the bike and the weights every day. I alternate between the two and it seems to balance out. On top of doing 15 minutes on the stationary bike I also do my arm and neck stretches. The pulled muscles and the neck stiffness is mostly gone now, though I think I will always have the tense muscles. Who knows, maybe one day they will go away with the continued exercises. After doing 15 minutes today though, I've decided to ramp it up to 20 minutes for next time and see how that goes. I'm starting to feel better already, healthier and less tired after working out. I'm not keeping track if I'm losing weight or anything since its more about getting into shape. Losing weight is just the added bonus. I'm still averaging about 6.5km a day and my top speed for about 10 seconds was 40km/h. Gotta get the heart racing sometimes!

I've also borrowed my Dad's 22" monitor for a trial run while he's on night shift. I find when using my 19" I'm constantly leaning towards it so I can see better. So far with using the 22" I'm not noticing myself doing that and I can sit back in a more relaxed position and take the strain of my neck. The only problem now is that today is my last day with it. My neck is starting to feel better. Sleeping doesn't help because I wake up sore. And going back to my small monitor is just going to throw me into a back slide again. I try to catch myself every time I'm leaning forward, but now I know it's not a habit, its because I can't see the damn tiny little screen well anymore. Unfortunately it will probably be awhile before I'm able to upgrade to a bigger screen. I'll just have to steal this one every time my Dad is on nights I guess.

In other news, my next big project is going to be tagging my photographs. This seems to be a popular trend among photographers and it should make it easier to sort through and find exactly what I'm looking for. In the end I should probably be able to get away with having every photograph from each year in one folder and just use a tag search to find exactly what I'm looking for. Since my collection is expanding at a fairly steady pace, tagging seems to be the right solution. Waiting for a folder of high quality .tif format images should no longer be a problem. Unfortunately this project may take me the next 365 days to complete. Coming up with a tagging system that is simple will probably be the hardest part, the rest will just be tedious!

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